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Free Statistics Homework Help


Statistics is an enormous field and we'll only scratch the surface of it. There are boatloads of statisticians and lots of departments solely devoted to it. The most important thing I'll try to get across is a bit of basic intuition about it.

This chapter provides a little free online statistics help, for those wanting a basic understanding of the subject or for example, to prepare for a statistics class. It's not a complete undergraduate statistics course and online tutorial, but you might find it a useful supplement, especially for those that want to understand intuitively what's going on. There are many other math/statistics tutorial sites that you may find useful, but many of these concentrate more on the plug and chug mechanics of what needs to be done. If you still are really having a mental block, you could fork out the money for statistics course tutor. Us eggheads are normally paid a lot less than plumbers so you might find that it's more affordable than you think.

There are many excellent quantitative statistical analysis software packages, and you might find this is a better way to go than using a pocket calculator.


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